"In the Service of Peace and, for our Veterans"



belgian blue helmets 



On Line Old Timers


Signallers Club of Canada


NATO Veterans Association


Northern Alberta Signallers


RC Sigs Soldier Apprentice


Australian Peacekeepers and Peacemakers Association


Canadian Airborne (Brotherhood) Association


Military Spouses and Family Web Site by Diane Collier


Military Communications & Electronics Museum


Royal Signals Museum


New Brunswick Signallers Association


The Wireless Set No. 19 Group


Canadian Peacekeeping Veterans Association


Canadian Peacekeeping Association of Veterans in UN Peacekeeping


The Warriors' Day Parade


Northwest Territories and Yukon Radio System


Soldiers of Peace International Association

Last Post Fund 

Last Post Fund - Fonds du Souvenir

Veterans of Canada 

Veterans of Canada

Semaphore to Satellite 

"Semaphore to Satellite"

In the Service of Peace and for our Veterans